Mrs. Morado's UIL Team

G - O - O - O - O - O - O       B - E - N -T - S - E - N !!!!!  This year, I am coaching the 3rd  and 4th Grade Spelling Team.  I will be searching for students with great spelling skills, who are very competitive, and are ready to bring home many trophies.  
A permission slip will be given to the student for tryouts and from there on, every time there is a competition.  If the permission slip is not signed the student will not be able to participate.  Also, students must be able to attend all competition meets in order to remain in the team.    

                   2018-2019 U.I.L. Team Members

4th Grade:

                               Isabella Resendez

                               Andy Vargas

                               Karolina Vasquez

                               Daniel Torres

                               Ana Galindo

John Carbajal

3rd Grade:

Dana Hernandez

Emiliano Pena

Logan Pena

Valentina Morin

Lauren Ortiz

             U.I.L. Tournament Dates and Locations

October 20, 2018  at Donna Wernecke Elementary

November 10, 2018  at Donna Wernecke Elementary

December 15, 2018  at Harry Shimotsu Elementary

January 12, 2019 at Harry Shimotsu Elementary