What's Happening in 3rd Grade!

4.2  January 13-17, 2020

3rd Grade Happenings!


*U.I.L. is officially over!  We will be beginning tutoring this week!
BUT, there is no tutoring this Thursday due to a Faculty meeting!!

The clothing, shoes, and toy drive is still going on!  Please send in any donations you might have!  

AR--Please make sure your child is reading at home and ready to test each morning!  Everyone can meet their goals! 

                Math:  Fractions
                Reading:  Green City
                                  Distinguish viewpoints, making connections
                    Vocabulary words:  destroyed, opportunity, sustainability, reclaimed, constructed
                Grammar:  Contractions
                Spelling:  Homographs
                Science:   Solar System
                Social Studies:  Heroes  Susan B. Anthony and The Four Chaplains

Spelling Test Thursday this week!!