Classroom AR

Simply the Best!!!!!

Students will be STAR tested twice a year to determine their reading level (ZPD).  Students will only be able to check out books and test within their Z.P.D.  The students are given half an hour during class everyday for reading, testing and exchanging books at the library.  I ask that every student checks out a chapter book and two fun books at every visit to the library.  The goal for each reporting period will be different for each student and will depend on their Z.P.D.  An average of 90% will be expected from every student at the end of every six weeks.  The students are expected to test every day, so I highly recommend that the students take their A.R. books home every day and be ready to test the next morning.  The Library opens and is available to students at 7:30A.M..  At 3:30P.M.  Parents are welcomed to accompany their kids to read, test, or exchange books after school from 3:30-4:15.  Parents can visit their child's A.R. account from home to keep abreast of their points, average, and word count.  Students who meet their goal and average at the end of every reporting period will be attending an A.R. Party hosted by the library.  Please click on the link below to see the A.R. rewards.


The reward will be announced at a later time.  My expectations for my students are high, and with great strategy, planning, and plan execution, my class will earn the Model Classroom and the Master Classroom titles during the year.  We are a great team, and together we will achieve!
Top Five A.R. Students: