Gifted and Talented

Welcome to the Gifted and Talented page.  This page will help you determine how you will complete your project.  The link below will take you a PDF file you will need to download.  Once in the website click on Intermediate 3-5, tasks, then scroll down till you see the PDF for your grade.  The PDF will give you examples and directions for completing your project.  We will be discussing the project in class, timelines for completion, and when you will present your project to the class.

Mrs. Baslee

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Dear Parents and Students,

The students will be completing a Gifted and Talented project this year.  The project is "Collectibles: Fad or Fortune".  The students will choose an item to determine whether the item is a fad (something that will not be popular or worth something in the future) or a fortune (something that will hold value in the future).  The item the students choose MUST be approved by me first in order to begin.  The students will present projects at the end of the year!

The PDf and Word document (above) will have all of the information needed to complete the project.  Please download the PDF and word document for complete details.  

Thank you,
Mrs. Baslee