Curriculum Night Information

Drop Off/Pick-Up Procedures:
Use car drop-off/Have your number on your rear view mirror.
DO NOT park on the pick-up line.
DO NOT drop-off or pick-up students while parking in the parking lot.
Be prompt in picking up your child. 
There is a Walker Waiting Area and students will be walked home.
Students that are transported to after school day cares, by day care vehicles, need to wait in the cafeteria with bus students.
Written excuse from doctor or home should be brought within 3 days.
Only with Doctor's excuse will the student be able to make up missed work.
A student is allowed 10 absences per year.
Truancy laws are in effect. 
Students must stay until 12:00P.M. or will be marked absent for the day.
School bell rings at 7:45A.M.
Tardy bell rings at 8:05A.M.
3 tardies equal to one absent. 
Student's who come in after 10:00A.M. will be marked absent for the day.
School starts at 7:45A.M. sharp!
Please schedule your child's appointments after school if possible.
If your child needs to leave early, he/she must be picked-up before 3:00P.M.
If your child is picked-up before 12:00P.M. he/she will be marked absent.
Parents or anyone on the pick-up list that are picking-up a student early, will be asked for an I.D in order to take the student.

Dress Code:
No Spaghetti straps
No skirts or shorts 2" above the knee
Can wear tights with long shirts or skirts on top
No torn pants.
No muscle shirts
Shirts must always be tucked in.
No long hair.
No torn pants.
Homework will be assigned everyday except on Fridays.
No homework Fridays, unless it is make-up work.
All weekly assessments will be administered on Thursdays and Fridays.
Grades will be posted the following Monday on Skyward.
Progress Report is sent out every 3 weeks.
Report Card is sent out every 6 weeks.
Parents can view grades on Family Access.
Yearly Assessments:

STAAR Exams will be taken in May.
Parent Volunteers:
Field trips
Class activities
Fund raisers
Library Aids
Class parties