Meet Mrs. Perez





My name is Mrs. Perez and I am happy to be your 3rd grade teacher!

I am very excited to start a new school year!  I have bee teaching for 16 years, in which 15 years have been in 3rd grade.  Bentsen Elementary has been my home throughout these years.  I graduated from UTPA in 2007 with a Bacherlors in bilingual earlychilhood.  I really enjoy what I do, and love to see how children grow as they learn.  To be a part of your success is my best reward!

 I enjoy all subjects, but Reading and Math have always been the subjects I enjoy the most.  

I grew up in McAllen in a family of 5, and I  love to spend time with them any little chance I get.  It is sometimes complicated because we are all busy, but spending time with your family should always be important.   

I  have three kids of my own. My oldest daughter will be going to 8th grade at BL Gray.  My son is will be a  5th grader at Bentsen and my youngest will be going to 1st.    I have  2 dogs whose names are  Walter, and Toby. Toby is the latest addition to our family.