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Lloyd and Dolly Bentsen Elementary opened its doors in the Fall of 2005. Under the leadership of Ms. Cecilia Boyd, Bentsen Elementary and its staff are guided by the school's mission of "Dedicated to Excellence". Named for Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Sr., and his beloved wife, Dolly, Bentsen Elementary continues the trend of excellence established within the Sharyland Independent School District.
Lloyd Bentsen Sr"Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Sr., was born on November 24, 1894, in Argo Township, near White and Brookings, South Dakota, just west of the Minnesota state line. His father immigrated from Denmark to farm. He survived a cycle accident on a muddy farm road that left him with a partially severed foot and severe body lacerations, but sufficiently well enough to enlist at the beginning of World War I in the United States Signal Corps for aviator training at Kelly Field, San Antonio.
In Texas, during training, Lloyd met and married Edna Ruth Colbath, known thereafter as Dolly. Bentsen and his wife joined his parents and moved from South Dakota to Sharyland, Tx, an irrigated citrus and vegetable utopia envisioned by John H. Shary and developed by him near Mission. The Bentsen family arrived penniless, but within a few years, Lloyd Sr., known as "Big Lloyd," and his brother Elmer had become the biggest colonizers and developers in Hidalgo County. The Valley became a cotton-and-citrus-growing area, and the Bentsen family's Pride O Texas citrus operation thrived.
The family's Arrowhead Ranch was one of the Valley's largest. Bentsen and his wife had four children, one of whom, Lloyd Bentsen, Jr., was a congressman, a United States senator, a vice-presidential candidate, and secretary of the treasury. Lloyd Bentsen, Sr., died at the age of ninety-five on January 17, 1989, in an automobile accident in Edinburg, Texas."
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